Saturday, May 12, 2012

Obama, the banks, the 2 BILLION JP Morgan BUCK loss and the imminent 2nd collapse

This Huffington Post Peter Goodman article entitled "Jamie Dimon Derivatives Fiasco Highlights Obama Failure" explains it all here

The Goodman article is a bulls eye and what I said in so many of my opinions earlier.  BUT and it is a BIG BUT Romney would be worse times 1000 and the Supreme. Ct. would be rightwingnut to the enth degree.  The Citizens United flood gates would stay wide open and then some.  The  Republicans have bought power in every nook and cranny of this nation.  They have bought your government and taken over everything -- state, local and of course federal big time with their BIG bucks.  They are ruling in monarchy style in Michigan with Republican managers disposing of Democratic towns replacing them with a Republican manager(s) by a Republican governor, state legislatures and even the courts.  They are doing this all over the country and not just in Michigan.  Corrupt Republican Walker of Wisconsin said exactly that.  He wants to "divide and conquer" and he has by getting rid of middle class government and union jobs -- its on tape listen to it here.  Democracy is gone bought out by billionaires with whom the little guy could not compete.

This wonderfully written article by Goodman is linked above and below.  It is well worth reading and right on point.  I have NO mind for math and that is an understatement.  But, not to pat myself on the back which I think I will, I believe I was 100% right about the economy and what the president did wrong. HOWEVER and it is a big HOWEVER, I still value the good things the president HAS done and they are many.  If he does not get re-elected the bad will be played out in stereo by the uber corporatist bully Romney.  If Romney is elected you can thank the fact that this country is so racist salivating to ditch the black guy for the white and will elect a man, white Romney, who is NOT about most of you, certainly not about me and step on their own toes to do it.  All of it is being played out right now with the 2 billion buck loss by JP Morgan Chase and CEO Jamie Dimon, a man that has NO soul and does not want one.  This article by Goodman says it all in Matt Taibbi fashion. 

George Carlin said it all too as I have posted in earlier opinions.  His political comedy is stinging truth in "The American Dream."  It's salty language so beware if that offends you but it is the most prescient piece this genius Carlin ever said and he said it in 2009. He is gone now but his words live on. It is amazing and it is posted again here to refresh your memory!

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