Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Cerebral Advantage

Man has a cerebral advantage from all other species. It is obviously what keeps us at the top of the food and evolutionary chain. The polar bear can survive in weather that would kill us in one minute. All the other species can do things that would kill a man instantly. BUT man has this brain; this incredible brain that thinks the most complex thoughts, creates the most complex engineering feats, sews the most beautiful clothes and makes coats to keep him warm. That IS our advantage. The OTHER advantage is that man also has and needs the help of the group to survive. If I have a medical issue I NEED someone else to help -- a doctor who has tremendous expertise I do not have.

One of, in my opinion, the most IMPORTANT characteristics of the human species (some have it more than others) is our ability for empathy; our ability to walk in the other guy's shoes, to cry, to help others EVEN WHEN we put our own life at risk. Few other species do this OR if they do it is the exception.

Therefore, it saves the group when we take care of each other; when we empathize and when we avoid the utter devastation of war. If we think three days of interrupted electricity is not acceptable then what would we god forbid do if electricity were the exception and not the rule. We live in a delicate balance where war truthfully helps no one. War kills and if we are not careful it will kill man and his complex society once and for all leaving the earth to regroup, heal itself and start over!

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