Sunday, March 18, 2012

AARP and Medicare Betrayal: Just posted on Facebook AARP: See link here for the story of AARP's POSSIBLE BETRAYAL: LISTEN UP AARP.. and those looking at this wall KNOW what AARP is trying to do. The AARP CEO's probably are a part of the 1% and they are betraying the very membership they are SUPPOSED to be about -- Seniors. They are behind the scenes advocating for cuts to Medicare and Social Security so the Congress won't take it out of the hide of the 1% wealthiest by taxing them like they SHOULD be taxed and save Social Security and Medicare. These are LIFEBLOOD safety nets. MILLIONS are alive today because of them. AARP, listen up and listen good ...when the 99% rise up we get what we want..we did in the Komens sickening plot to take down Planned Parenthood and we are getting somewhere with the 99% movement AND now we will take on AARP.

I will give up my AARP membership faster than I swat a mosquito if they aid in cutting Medicare and Social Security. They are greedy betrayers of those they are supposed to serve. TELL THEM DO NOT CUT MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY. There is NO NEED to. Seniors, GET READY TO SCREAM LOUD AND CLEAR. WE will CUT AARP membership in an INSTANT and get ready to join that which takes the place of this rotten to the core organization who is BETRAYING YOU!

Tell AARP you are mad as hell and you won't take it. Hit them in THEIR pocketbook before they try to take away your life.

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