Friday, March 16, 2012

A Letter to Bill O'Reilly--A response to something he blathered: Since when is the EXTREMIST right who watch Fox News AND you, Mr. O'Reilly, such democratic rational humanitarians?

No matter how you minimize MSNBC's impact and you spin whatever numbers you like it does not matter since no one questions you and those who do turn you off because they know they get nothing but lies and the spin of them.

MSNBC and Current too are the most excellent network commentary on the planet and whose broadcasters are unbelievably BRILLIANT.

Here is my day: Dylan Ratigan, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, the GREAT Rachel Maddow, and the WONDERFUL Larry O'Donnell are a must. I tape them all and watch two on Current TV -- Cenk Uygar The Young Turks and OF COURSE Keith Olbermann. On the weekend I watch UP with Chris Hayes -- a genius and after him Melissa Harris Perry -- brilliant and beautiful. Her verbiage is as wonderful as she is gorgeous!

For comedy its John Stewart. If I had 1/2 of the intellect of all of those commentators I would be a genius! I have one feeling when I watch them -- ENVY. I WISH I could be as intellectually astute as they. Even their fill-ins like Ezra Kline is cerebral dynamite.

You, Bill O'Reilly and your fellow right wing extremist commentators are nothing in comparison to them. What MSNBC and Current commentators have in their proverbial little finger you do not have, yes, you guessed, in your entire body. You only WISH you did. What the heck you take the money from Fox and live like a king; the same as those for whom you advocate.

At LEAST those on MSNBC are on the side of the 99% and guess what? The election is going to be decided right there. I cannot WAIT for November. Despite Fox's financial gargantuan status, despite your mouth dripping with your millions, despite the king of Citizen's United Mitt Romney and despite those racists who hate Obama NOT because of what he is about but because of an ethic status he had no hand in creating, HE will be reelected and you know it since the Republican field is an embarrassing Ringling Brothers circus. You and your alleged minions -- those lovely rational people whose spokesman you allegedly are -- will either get on board our train or be left in the dust! Your majority is slipping fast and you know it which is why, sir, you are the vitriolic blatherer you are!

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