Sunday, March 18, 2012

AARP Betrayal the TREASON of this century: I posted late last evening and did not do the best job of explaining what AARP may be doing surreptitiously to get cuts in Medicare and Social Security for their OWN greedy vile purposes so here is the link to the Huff Post story: See Here or go to:

Let them KNOW you are on to them and let your Congresspersons know you are AGAINST Social Security and Medicare CUTS.

They do NOT need to be cut IF the 1% pay their fair share in their taxes they would not even feel. They are GREED personified. Social Security is solvent until 2037 and need NEVER be insolvent if our tax structure was equitable.

When I go into doctor's offices now I cannot BELIEVE all the seniors I see and incredulously to me am considered nearly one of them now. ALL those people or
most of them are being kept alive because they have Medicare. The conservative swine want to get rid of Medicare and replace it with vouchers you would have to buy from private insurance costing us exorbitant unfordable rates. As it is one must supplement Medicare anyway as it does not pay for everything as, of course it should! DO NOT LET THEM CUT MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY. Conservatives with their opposition to the president's Affordable Health Care Act spew utter LIES saying it would "kill granny" with death panels. If you really want to kill granny see how fast she dies with no Medicare.

Remember the 2000 campaign of the great Al Gore and his LOCK BOX for Social Security? Well, monies for Social Security and Medicare SHOULD be in there. Lock it in and throw away the key!!

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