Monday, March 19, 2012

The Eternal Jewish Constant: The very disturbing news story out of France is chilling. I post it here and below. An attack by a Neanderthal in black clothing on a motorcycle killed THREE Jewish children including a three year old at a school. It is sickening as an attack on anyone's child would be.

Because this dastardly act took place in France it seems remote but to me NOTHING is remote when it comes to attacks anywhere upon the Jewish people as the Holocaust history of the six million dead Jews of Europe proves.

I hope warnings go out to all Jewish schools and preschools in this state and even around the nation that they must always be vigilant and take necessary precautions against defilement or violence. Sometimes, though, especially in this country where the Jewish people feel relatively safe from the Jewish experience in Europe, we could let down our guard. We should not. We should treat every act of anti-Semitism anywhere in the world as if it were perpetrated on a house or in the town next door!

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