Monday, October 17, 2011

A Senator Supreme: Elizabeth Warren is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting candidates running for the US Senate from Massachusetts. She is a citizen's dream candidate -- honest, sincere, academically credentialed and astute. She is a person who, I believe, will work for the middle class instead of Wall Street’s top 1%. I hope a majority of Massachusetts citizens think as I do and that she will go on to easily win the general.

Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard professor, and the president’s appointment who began the Consumer Protection Bureau, is a once in a lifetime candidate. I never thought I would say that I think she can take the place of a Teddy Kennedy but I do say that and then some. She academically, intellectually and professionally dwarfs Scott Brown, the darling of Wall Street. She is above-all honest and will be the people's voice uncorrupted by Wall Street greed, lobbyist lackeys and Washington on the take . She has, from the beginning, been an advocate for the consumer and will vote to hold Wall Street and Washington accountable for their plethora of fraud, misdeeds and abundance of unethical behavior which resulted in our nation (and the world) being stuck deeply in an economic quicksand of the banksters, real estate fraudsters and rating companies’ creation.

I will happily vote for Elizabeth Warren in November, 2012 and know beyond a shadow of a doubt she will make not a good senator but a GREAT one. Good luck, Elizabeth, you sold me when I saw you on Bill Moyers. I was smitten!

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