Monday, October 17, 2011

A story in McClatchy today reported that Hispanics may be losing faith in Obama. (Linked below). I do NOT think so and said the following:

Hispanic Heresy? -- I think not: In the final analysis Hispanics as well as all minorities of color will observe the political landscape and reality. The Republican Party is not the LEAST about them. They are anti them as they are anti immigrant. The Republican party is honed from the Nativist party of the 19th century. Its goals are similar -- crush immigration and keep the US dominant white.

The issue of so called illegal immigration is a ruse they use like most of their advocacy to PRETEND that all they care about is keeping immigration legal. They don't. They want to STOP immigration most especially by people of color.

Hispanics and people of color, do NOT be fooled like so many members of the Tea Party were. The Republican Party is NOT about anyone EXCEPT the top 1%. Since Citizen's United, one of the worst SCOTUS decisions since Dred Scott and Plessy became law, the Republican Party has been signed, sealed and delivered by Koch Brothers and other billionaire/millionaire corporate money. Whether through subversion of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, vile attempts at the voting booth to stop minorities from voting Democratic or through their draconian anti immigration laws they do not give a rat's petuti about the middle class and those who are struggling. They are trying to keep this country as it has been hewed for nearly three decades. DO NOT let them. Obama is our ONLY choice!

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