Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Will NOT Falter: These bastard banksters need to be taken down. The law must take them down. I do not care how long it takes but these swine, these bloated greedy Wall Street gluttons need to have the scales of justice smash them and take them down! I HATE what they have done to the country and the president gets the VERY pigs into his administration as his Treasury secretary and his merry men who created this mess over years doing the "fixing."

This country is a place I do not recognize anymore. The hope and the dream are gone and the Wall Street swill have taken what is ours right from under our noses because we THOUGHT that dream was meant for us and the generations which come after us. They have taken this economy to the brink of destruction, swallowed 401Ks, pension plans, selling worthless crap bundling it into phony mortgage securities junk, selling it all over the world and insuring themselves in credit default swaps buying S&P to rate that crap triple AAA deceiving ALL who bought it. The reason for so many state government employees being laid off is laid at the Wall Street titans filthy feet. Wall Street is a gambling casino where the house NEVER loses. It is meant for only the top 1% to rape us in a con game with our hard earned money.

Moreover, they have sent wily nily our youngest and most able to fight in wars that meant nothing to us based on lies spending TRILLIONS. Those overlords who have ruled over us are a sham and about ONLY the top 1%. Their corporatist hands are dripping with the blood of so many innocents. But they will tell you they have no money for fire departments, no money for teachers, no money for building roads, bridges, infrastructure repair and all those things that make government work for the people and secure the people. What is going to happen to these sickos when the very ones they fire will not be there to protect THEM? They make me sick as they have made the American economy sick! We have a government bought, signed, sealed and delivered by the corporation; an oligarchy which is choking its own people. We have a body that is turning on itself and eating itself alive BUT the body is fighting back!

Occupy Wall Street is catching on like a fire and we can thank other people's uprisings and revolutions all over the world which pointed the way to exude unremitting pressure. Either they FIX this gd economy or face the public wrath. The demonstrators of Occupy Wall Street will never give up, will never falter and will NOT fail.

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