Friday, October 14, 2011

Lest I be Considered Humorless: Yes, most of my opinions are serious and rather gloomy BUT have no fear I DO have a sense of humor!

In case you have not noticed the collection of Republicans vying for the presidency, arguably the most powerful position in the world, or just simply Republicans are nincompoops, idiots, morons and dumbed down Know Nothings. Let me give you some examples which represent that fact and are quite funny INDEED. Well, it had me laughing with incredulity anyway:

Rick Perry after the last debate was showering effervescent praise on our Founders who as he stated fought so hard for freedom in the 16th CENTURY. Okay so he was a mere 200 years off. What's a few years? After all our Founders WERE men of the Enlightenment preceded by the Renaissance weren't they? Considering the sands of time, I guess he was close.

Michele Bachmann TRIED to show how smart she was by using the word HEINOUS except it came out Hein-Y-ous. Heinyous, yes we get it, Michelle, I guess it’s not as bad as saying Concord, New Hampshire where she so assuredly thought the American Revolution began. This was BIG news for those of us living near Concord, MASSACHUSETTS. Eh, what's a few miles. Maybe geography AND history are not Michelle's strong suit. Who needs to know where the American Revolutionary War began when one was allegedly a tax attorney, small business woman and is a Congressional Rep?

The best screw up came when a Florida GOP Rep. Brad Drake said he wanted to bring back the electric chair and firing squads to execute criminals because lethal injection is just too darn humane. As Drake said “In the words of Humphrey Bogart, ‘Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.' I'm so tired of being humane ...".

You know Humphrey Bogart of "Gone with the Wind" fame; that famous quote a sixth grader might know was uttered by Clark Gable and after all he thought of that when someone at the "Waffle House" -- a restaurant like IHOP -- said that profundity.

So big deal, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart who cares? At least we have to be happy he didn't say Marilyn Monroe! GENIUSES all!

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