Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quick symbolism of the upset Republican victory of Anthony Weiner's NY Dem seat: I would not take Republican the upset of Weiner's Dem. seat in NY that meaningfully. Republicans have lost elections like the Weiner one too and have lost in heavily entrenched Republican districts which had NEVER gone blue but did -- even national ones of Senate seats and House seats too.

Dems also defeated Tea Baggers in the Wisconsin state recall although Obama did NOT take advantage of reinvigorating the unions base with tepid endorsement of what happened there and elsewhere for workers.

Other Republican governors may lose like Scott in Florida, Walker, Snyder in Michigan and LePage in Maine too and a few others because of their bad politics eliminating teachers, police, firemen by the carload. Teachers are ACTUALLY leaving and going to (are you kidding me?) the MIDDLE EAST like to Abu Daibi where they get everything, good salary, medical costs, and all kinds of benefits! Is that possible? An election of Perry will exacerbate that big time and NOT help it.

This was a unique election in NY and I think it really was about incumbency AND it was about a sex scandal so bad that it could unseat a Democrat in a heavily Democratic somewhat conservative district. If this is portents of things to come and Obama loses too there is the race factor to consider. It woke up a sleeping giant and hugely motivates whites while Obama's vote and most importantly his HUGE base are DEMOTIVATED.

This Great Depression II (as I call it) is due to MUCH more than a cyclical turn. It is the primary factor of dissatisfaction. It was and is due to SYSTEMIC changes in the distribution of wealth because of a NASTY, horrible, unbelievably allowable BUT corrupt Wall Street driven economic policy, lack of regulation, S&P fraudulent rating of stocks worth junk AND a housing market that collapsed due to the bundling of bad mortgages sold as triple A stock that many do not understand and worse than awful unequal trade policy. It still goes on.

It is and will be a corrupted harnessing of money by especially Republican politicians from the Supreme Ct. "Citizens United" decision treating corporations as people and Republicans, if elected, will NEVER fix any of it because Republicans made and love these policies. Republicans are NOT about the middle class. They are about the rich and have helped create the bad policy of our Great Depression II. Electing them will worsen the situation for most of us as did Harding, Coolidge and Hoover leading to the Democrat FDR's smashing wins! Those awful precipitating factors of the economic cesspool we are in will continue IF we continue to elect the Republican Party that does NOT care about the middle and working classes which ARE, in fact, most of us!

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