Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Insult from the grave: I am very dismayed at the release by Caroline Kennedy the tape recordings of her mother Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis which were less and complimentary about the great Dr. Martin Luther King. As a matter of fact I found them utterly insulting. Yes, I can appreciate no one is alive of power from that era and I can appreciate it as part of our history BUT I still think it would have been more prudent to have eliminated those thoughts about Dr. King from Mrs. Kennedy Onassis's rendition and sell a book and DVD to make money!

Truly, if what she said referred to Dr. King's personal life, the former late first lady had a NERVE to indict this towering figure. She should NOT have criticized the speck in someone else's eye when she had or CERTAINLY her husband (whom I supported decades ago) had a log in his own. How DARE she and how DARE Caroline or ANYONE besmirch in ANY way a leader like Martin Luther King whose statue we just venerated.

I can assure you I will make my thoughts known to both the publishers of her book AND to Caroline Kennedy herself. As a caveat I am a white Jewish woman who LOVED Dr. Martin Luther King. No matter what his personal life entailed
we as civil libertarians and humanists can only stand in the shadow of this man who was a giant among us.

I thank God for Dr. King every day of my life. He was a gift taken from us far too soon. Shame on the late Mrs. Kennedy for impugning his GREAT legacy!

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