Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Elizabeth Warren -- Once in a Lifetime: She is a giant among economic academics, she is a gift to the middle class and to our country, she is legions better than Scott Brown could ever be. I cannot think of one person whom the great Ted Kennedy would have loved to fill his seat more than Elizabeth Warren.

Beyond that she has the brilliance and understanding of the economic system and is EXACTLY what our nation needs at this perilous time. Please if you can, whatever you can, think of making a donation to her important campaign. Her opponent Scott Brown has amassed MILLIONS from the banksters of Wall Street for a darn good reason he saves the banksters BILLIONS at the expense of the taxpayer. Wall Street big banks are his biggest contributor!

A person like Elizabeth Warren comes around once in a lifetime. She will give this campaign and the middle class her all. Please consider giving to her to win this important senate seat! I link her site below.

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