Sunday, August 21, 2011

A War for All Seasons: I do not, as in most wars in human history, think that the NATO bombing of Libya is about taking down "bad guys." This is, in my opinion, about wresting power and taking control in an oil rich area which is mightily important to the west. Libya appears to be a NATO executed invasion of a formerly sovereign country. The rebels will be happy to use the power of NATO to win this bloody insurrection. BUT the true power of the rebels depends upon the US controlled NATO. Absent us from this uprising and the rebels could not put a hand on Khadafy. NATO bombed day and night specific targets in Libya such as electric grids and water supplies. It has killed hundreds if not thousands. This action it is NOT about liberation. We do not give a rat's petuti about their "freedom." We DO give a rat's petuti about an area of vital and strategic importance to most especially the west. Try going even one day without the oil taps flowing. You cannot. So it is about money, it is about power, it is about hegemony and it is above all else the inextricably linked oil.

I am sure given the so called "Arab spring" the administration is looking to be on the side of history. In this case we can always make the case for being there to get the "bad guy" as we did in Iraq with Saddam Hussein. It had NOTHING to do with Sadam Hussein, it had nothing to do with WMD of which there were none. It had everything to do with overthrowing any power that threatened or took control of so much oil.

It could have been the tooth fairy in power in Iraq or in Libya. As long as the rich oil taps threatened to stop the US will be glad to ensure that they do not. As a bonus it keeps the military industrial complex satiated as well.

This is why we must question power. Why does it do what it does? Who does it benefit and is it worth the price in blood and treasure? Every time you fill up your tank, every time you put the heat or air conditioning on, every time you buy a television set, and every time you do or buy just about anything on planet earth you will have oil at the nexus of its existence. In a 21st century world you cannot leave your home without it.

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