Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Blueprint for Victory: I am sure we all have seen the inconclusive polls showing the president sometimes up by a very little or down by two against Romney. We must NOT lose heart at the thought of a God forbid Perry or Romney presidency. Polls, especially in the beginning, are often wrong. 2008 had Giuliani ahead. It is much too early to predict. Having said that we know the issue that matters is the economy and the ever- present question are you better off now than four years ago. Presidents, at least modern ones, rise and fall often on the economy and not on the other social issues or they steal elections like Bush. Most people care about having a job, feeding and educating their families. It is the most important issue along side never ending war and corruption.

We MUST if the president is to get reelected emphasize his accomplishments but also reiterate how difficult the president’s job has been working with an obstructionist Congress on all things domestic whether its getting federal justices appointed, cabinet members confirmed or a significant jobs bill passed. We, therefore, I believe must concentrate our re-election attempt on the following:

Our president has done perceptually well in foreign policy despite what some of his more liberal critics claim. Clearly he knows how to take charge. For all their bluster Republicans have been utter failures in the international diplomatic arena and worst of all in their conduct of war. They have NOTHING to crow about AT ALL. Unfortunately, American memory, some have described is as long as a lightening bolt and will forget the disasters of Republican rule. Who will remember that the Bush administration’s illegal and immoral prosecution of the Iraq War was based on a lie? One cannot count on the electorate remembering how significantly bad the Bush years were failing to heed warnings of 9/11, killing thousands our youth, maiming thousands of our youth, destabilizing a regional Middleast tinderbox and killing by hundreds of thousands the innocent, torturing many and creating a million refugees.

On the domestic front how many will remember the Republican policies regarding wealth which began the crippling of the world economy, the ultimate downward spiral of the market creating the greatest economic debacle since the Great Depression. In over thirty years Republican rule has begun the deliberate the inordinately unequal distribution of wealth eroding a strong middle class the hallmark of the American Dream. This was NOT our president’s fault. He was handed a pile of dung by a know-nothing president and is expected to create the Taj Mahal. We and he must convey that the hope on which he ran springs eternal.

We must emphasize, too, he cannot make good policy out of an obstructionist Republican Party who is dedicated by any means necessary to his fall. How can he possibly craft a significant jobs program if the Republican side of the isle in the House remains at 240 while the Democratic side is at 193? Most all of the 240 Republicans have signed the unconscionable slime Grover Norquist’s pledge not to raise taxes most especially on the wealthy. Therefore, and the point of this email is, to realize and to state in the most vociferous and emphatic terms possible that the Republican-controlled House has been by far be the BIGGEST obstacle the president has encountered to try to cure our nation’s economic ills. The Republicans’ ONLY goal is to sink his presidency and do not care about helping the nation out of its morass.

Our president cannot work with the unworkable. If Republicans refuse to work with him whether because he is the first African American president or because they represent a small but loud corporately duped Tea Bag Party wingnut movement it will make the president’s ability to extricate us out of the economic morass difficult to say the least.

Our president has passed a tremendous amount of good legislation BUT it was done mostly when Democrats held the House. This Republican part of the House is brutal, mean, cruel and obstructionist. Who can blame the president if he cannot get all that we expect and right egregious wrongs?

The MOST important thing along with re-electing President Barack Obama in this 2012 election is to put the House back into Democratic hands once again.

The president surely will not get what he wants and our nation will not get what it so desperately needs – JOBS -- if the Congressional House remains in destructive Republican hands. MOST importantly along with re-electing the president is for us to turn the House SOLIDLY blue once again!

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