Thursday, August 25, 2011

The BEST of the BEST and the BEST of the BRIGHTEST: I link an Elizabeth Warren page below where you can give to her campaign.

If you live in Mass or even if you don't please think about giving this GREAT woman a contribution. This Harvard professor of economics is a once in a lifetime candidate and BRILLIANT beyond words and a voice for the middle class, working class and the poor. She could have been head of the Consumer Protection Bureau the president set up but as usual our OBSTRUCTIVE shame for a Republican majority in the House blocked this brilliant woman. Shame on them in triplicate.

Brown cannot even walk in her shadow. She is so far and above beyond him in intellect and communicative skills that it is not even a contest. She is the BEST of the BEST and the BEST of the BRIGHTEST. She will be a credit to Massachusetts and to our United States Senate if she wins!!

Think about giving her your support.

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