Thursday, July 07, 2011

Professorial Prescience: These are two short lectures I found on UTUBE which was given by my new-found guru, Dr. Simon Schama. I always have to find one as for me Howard Zinn's loss needs repair. I heard Professor Schama discuss the US Constitutional construct. It was riveting. Professor Simon Schama is a Professor of history and art history at Columbia University. His resume is longer than this page so I place the link below to a few words he gave about Barack Obama. This was delivered in 2009 at the Carnegie Council. It is called "Obama's Realism." We now have a bit of hindsight with which to judge his words. I think his words were as on target then as they are now.

Underneath that on Utube you will see another one of Dr. Schama's lectures given in 2009 entitled: "Us in Afghanistan and Iraq." The latter was particularly interesting I thought as he gave his rationales for why the Afghanistan war in his view is justified as opposed to the War in Iraq. I find him presciently correct.

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