Thursday, July 07, 2011

Social Insecurity: he summer 2010 when the town meetings because of health care got ugly. People yelling don't take my health care away -- they meant Medicare the president did not step up to the plate and tell them the realities of the health care he was pushing. He did not push back forcefully against the Tea baggies who were fuming from the bailout. The tea baggies are SO dumb many did not realize why bailouts were necessary. He needed to scream why bailouts were necessary if they were not bailed out the big corps would fall like dominoes!!

Nov. 2012 -- he is handed a "shellacki­ng" over bailouts and perceived spending on health care. it is what the Republican­s who lost so much power in 2008 were salivating over. Now they had furious groups against bailouts and ready to hook on to no taxes. sounds good but no new spending no new jobs. By the time the Republican­s had taken over the House it was too late. Now the president must work with the hand he was dealt. If he stands and fights he will be defeated by a solidity Republican House.The time that he needed to fight was the summer of 2012. The economic catastroph­e was NOT the fault of him nor really of many Dems it was 30 years of a deregulate­d Wall Street gone mad with greed. It was his fault in the summer of 2010 but it is not his fault now.”

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