Thursday, July 07, 2011

No News of the World: Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch and his evil media tabloid style empire have tasted the fruits of their own Machiavellian machinations. Murdoch's closing of News of the World because of its wholesale phone hacking of innocents is I suspect but a ripple in an ocean of deceit, lies and immoral behavior in the world of scandal tabloid news. It seems to me someone famous who some think divine said "What profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his soul?" What more precise question to address to Mr. Murdoch, et al.

I suspect News of the World is only the tip of the iceberg of this scandal driven, gluttonous, money making swill, written on the backs often of the innocent and gleaned because of the thirst for uncontroll­ed capitaliza­tion of human suffering. I can say, Mr. Murdoch, this is small justice but justice nonetheles­s to one of the most megalomaniacal , avaricious­, power hungry excuses for humanity ever to grace this planet.

I suspect this is merely a scab on a festering infected sore of sensationalist tabloid anything-goes media gone WILD! May those who pumped life into this scandal NEVER rest in peace!”

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