Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Facbook comments summary--excuse the poorly written prose it is off the top of my head written fast to get it out. THREE good things-NOW 2012 DEMOCRATS TAKE BACK the HOUSE so the president can get more passed without having to wade through sludge.

Hahn defeats Tea Baggie in CA: The idiot Tea Baggies have shown to this country what they are about. The populist movement was taken over by BIG money and could care less about the people. They simply did not get it. Now they do as the Wisconsin governor Walker showed everyone so nicely and as Scott is doing in Florida. True colors show so when Dems make an effort they can topple these bas&*%^%ds with ease. CONGRATS to Janice Hahn in CA...bring on 2012. The Republicans have blown their own foot off. Extremism of any stripe does NOT work in this country the Republicans are seeing the beginning of a death knell because their platform is HATEFUL and regressive. This has happened spasmodically all over the country but says a LOT!!!

In Wisconsin all six fake Democrats lost to Democrats supported by the party in primaries Tuesday that are the first in a series of recall elections targeting nine Wisconsin state Republican senators along with their hateful governor tried to destroy the unions in Wisconsin -- BAD move.

ON WISCONSIN. The Tea Baggies have shown their colors. Democrats are winning and some Republican special election seats all over the country. The Republican Party's days are numbered. They ruined it themselves by buying into the extremist Tea Baggie wing which is funded by BIG corporate money that hijacked a populist movement. It appealed to the most hateful part of this country.

After 2008 they were saying Republicans need to reformulate the substance of their party. They regrouped STUPIDLY and filled themselves with OLD, WHITE often racist morons who could not articulate an intelligent thought if you paid them. This is what they are getting. The Walkers and the Scotts and others like them throughout the country you cannot steal, buy or lie your way to success. EVENTUALLY they are found out for the poison policy they are about.

GO DEMOCRATS never give up, never give in and VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE. Do the necessary things and overcome roadblocks that Republicans have set up like the poll tax of old. Let them know that won't matter because you will overcome it and VOTE!

Between what happened yesterday with special election in CA, Wisconsin AND McConnell's offer on the debt ceiling (after we examine it) this is VERY good -- I feel like life is coming back into my body. KEEP IT UP!

Republicans are sowing the seeds of their own demise. Keep ruining yourself Republicans I LOVE it!

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