Wednesday, July 13, 2011

As I see it: Larry O'Donnell cinched it for me. No matter what the criticism I may have this president is unmatched in his intellect and I think in his heart of hearts wants to do that which we elected him to do but this insanity that happened in the 2010 election midterms with the Tea Party extremists put a big fly in the ointment.

So we have to play the ball where it lies. I thought this strategic move by the president on the debt ceiling seemed very savvy and could only come from one who knows politicking inside and out and who knows what he is doing. I will place the Larry O'Donnell link below explaining how good the president's judgment on this was.

The bottom line is a Republican is unacceptable in the presidency and, as importantly, I do believe Democrats can win back the House. If that happened we would, I think, see some very good policy in the second term as a result. The president has been stonewalled at every turn. Moreover, Democrats CAN win elections as we are seeing in these small elections in NY and in CA and elsewhere. Even the State Sup Ct. Republican Judge Prossser in Wisconsin was nearly eclipsed by the Democrat and indeed she should probably have won if not for internal machinations of Republicans. It should have been a piece of cake for Prosser but it was NOT!

Wisconsin and other states that took a Republican hit with unions like Ohio and Michigan and Scott who is hated in Florida along with Maine governor Paul LePage (one of the worst extremist Republicans in Maine history) may NOT win re-election and we COULD do it with all the exposure of dirty Republican politics of which there is an abundance.

So I am linking to sites where you can listen to Larry O'Donnell's interpretation of what transpired yesterday vis a vie the debt ceiling and McConnell's offer
and a link to a donation site for the president.

Let's turn the Republican extremist and racist ideologues around and take back the House and, importantly, of course, re-elect President Obama. He needs your help. Let's repeat the glory of 2008. Our lives depend on it!

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