Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Recipe: Republican Mitch McConnell proposes giving the president power over debt ceiling. I never trust Republicans. If they offer a solution there must be a trap. Could this be unconstitutional and get Obama impeached?

Impeachment notwithstanding, I don't care who does it just raise the darn ceiling so we can have a country again and so the suicide rate does not go up. America, get Republicans OUT of the House so the president can do what will get us out of the ditch. Republicans keep us there by not doing what is needed and that is increasing revenue which is at an all time low seen only in the 1950's. We need both prescient spending cuts AND increase in revenues with an emphasis on the latter.

We need government to work FOR us not against us. Mr. President, after God willing, your re-election please ask Dr. Krugman what he is doing the next four years and then put Elizabeth Warren in the most advantageous position possible. See if Brooksley Born would want a job and make your economic advisers the kind that will make you one of the greatest US presidents in history along side Lincoln and FDR. You are stymied by bad advisers and Republicans who jack boot you into submission and stagnation. Given favorable conditions I believe the president could give us an injection of incredible pride!!

DO IT. Put the House back into Democratic hands, re-elect the president in 2012 and change his economic advisers. A recipe for success!

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