Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Strategy: It is obvious that the Republican Party has NOTHING. They have LESS than nothing. They have zilch, nada, zero and they know it. Moreover, they are split probably 60/40 by a Republican Tea Bag base that is extremist right into the stratosphere. They do not attract many in the general electorate. The American public we know is in the center but it will NOT be appealed to by extremist racist right wingnut thought. Most especially we know that the ethnic composition of the country is changing quickly as Hispanics and other minorities will make up an even greater part of the whole. They WILL find a place more -- MUCH more -- at home within the Democratic Party.

I have little doubt, barring any god forbid catastrophe, that Barack Obama will be easily re-elected. We should, of course, take nothing for granted. The vote MUST be delivered for the president. I worry about most especially Congress and I worry about the red-leaning state houses and governorships around the country.

I would most emphatically like to see the Democratic Party come to the assistance of our Democratic Senatorial and House candidates. We MUST absolutely MUST retain the all important Senate. It would be frosting on the cake if we could take BOTH houses of Congress as we did in 2008 but somehow stupidly sacrificed in 2010 when we should not have.

Both the Democratic Party and the president should throw the FULL weight of their power, prestige and the cash behind it to Democrats (hopefully progressives) everywhere most especially in the national Congress. The President can veto BUT if the Congress can override a veto we are in the same disastrous position in which Team Bush put us. We cannot go back to that. We know the consequences would be nothing short of catastrophic!

Now is the time to prepare and now is the time to take back the reins of Congressional power from those who do NOT care about Main Street but who are in the hip pocket of those who want to sell out America to Wall Street and its top 2%. As the late great George Carlin said: “They are coming for it -- all of it -- .”.. . "It's a club," he said, "and you ain't in it." The corporatist oligarchy will take you and your children's future with it as they did from 2000 – 2008 if you allow it. Do NOT be fooled by their wolf in sheep's' clothing style. They are NOT about most of us and lie ALL the time.

Take NOTHING for granted. We must take the country back for ourselves by supporting, working for and contributing to the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates everywhere. Practically, the Democratic Party is our only hope. It is up to us to compose it as we wish. Now is the time to secure our future and to do it with ALL deliberate speed!

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