Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In Living Color -- RED: Why does the Democratic base get so upset with the Democratic Party and the Democratic administration? John Stewart did an EXCELLENT segment on Meredith Atwell Baker, heretofore Commissioner of the FCC Board, which could tell you why. She, he noted, is leaving government service as FCC Commissioner to work in the private sector. What job did this FCC Commissioner secure? She was just made Sr. Vice President of Comcast/NBC Universal. What a nice plumb don’t you think? This is the kind of position one can secure AFTER being chairman of the public communications regulatory agency, the FCC, and after one helps approve the merger of two cable behemoths while one occupies high public office in the very agency the corporate giants needed to approve their merger. The corporatists rewarded her for her fine efforts. Moreover, she had the temerity to say that the regulatory process is “too cumbersome.” I ask her for whom is it too cumbersome? Maybe it’s too cumbersome for the oligarchies who want to rake in billions from their partnership with the government that is supposed to regulate them. Instead, the taxpayer yet again will, in circuitous fashion, pay for the corporatists’ yachts and Ms. Baker will work for these corporations for, I am sure, a tidy sum while the public gets nailed to their cross of gold.

The American public is smothered by soaring cable rates because there is little to no competition. We are saddled with stations we do NOT want, packages from which we cannot choose and drown in cable rates that soar yearly into the stratosphere while the service remains outsourced and mediocre to often poor.

This is what makes the Democratic base see red. I am part of that base and, yes, I am seeing RED! Someone who held a position on the FCC Board should NEVER be allowed to assume a high position in the very companies that went before it to obtain a license to merge. Does conflict of interest ring a bell? The vote was 4-1 by the FCC in favor of the merger. Wow, am I surprised – NOT! Did the consumer have anything to say about it? The answer: NO because the FCC is not filled with occupants who are loyal to the people but ones who are loyal to those feeding at the corporate trough.

We get the leadership we deserve. Every time I think my faith is renewed something appears to shake it. It should be illegal for Meredith Atwell Baker to take the Vice-Presidential position from a company whose merger she helped facilitate. Meredith Atwell Baker should be punished for presenting even the appearance of a conflict of interest. I ask again, for whose interest did she function? It should be for OUR INTEREST to combat monopolies which squash the rights of the consumer. Sure, you are free to choose the company you want. If there are, however, only two major companies from which to choose what choice is there? Answer: NONE!

Mr. President, remember us the ones who brought you to the dance? I suggest your minions think twice before they agree to sanction the employment of a former FCC Commissioner to a high private sector position within the very companies she was supposed to regulate. Think of us the little guy – the middle class – before there is no middle class left to think about at all!

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