Monday, May 09, 2011

The Apogee of Excellence: The "Sixty Minutes" segment interviewing the president about the killing of bin Laden was, in my opinion, the most masterful segment of that program I have ever seen. To say the president was brilliant, human, cool and so professional is an understatement. It made me see him in a more intense and revelatory light. He gave us a candid window into his thoughtful world.

I have sometimes criticized the president for not standing up to his opponents more fiercely and confronting the often times racist nature of their animus. My criticism comes from my inability to see who the president truly is and to understand how he thinks. This interview showed him to be the intellect I always thought he was. There is no way anyone on the Republican side can approach the apex of the academic excellence and intellectual alacrity of Barack Obama.

I thank the president for doing something for which I waited 10 long years. I spent two years checking every single morning after the 9/11 attack to see if bin Laden was brought in "dead or alive" as George Bush so convincingly said he would. It never happened and I all but gave up that it would.

I disagree vehemently with those who think the previous administration had anything to do with taking bin Laden down. Bush was warned of the Al Qaeda attack right before 9/11 in his PDB or presidential daily briefing. In fact, Bush let bin Laden escape Afghanistan in 2002, and then closed the bin Laden task force in 2005. It was known from then on that bin Laden was in Pakistan but Bush did not pursue him. Bush went from saying he would capture bin Laden “dead or alive” to “To tell you the truth I don’t really care” he shrugged. “I don’t spend much time thinking about it.” George Bush did absolutely NOTHING to capture bin Laden. Worse, if another president were in the oval office at that time I submit 9/11 may have been averted. I cannot, of course, prove that but I can think it and I do.

If only the president's often disloyal opposition would allow him to govern as he desires without putting obstacles in front of every single step he takes I believe he could bring this country back to its apogee after the perigee of near economic collapse.

Govern on, Mr. President. You have my loyal support.

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