Monday, April 04, 2011

Why I WILL vote for Barack Obama:

We are one more Supreme Court justice away from cementing the worst of the worst destructive polices, besides the slavery issue, this country has ever seen. I never did and never will have an abortion BUT it is a HUGE issue to poor women who need services and NOT ONLY abortion services but life saving medical services as well. It means an important thing to ALL women whose bodies have been controlled by the dictates of men. One more Supreme Court justice choice is a way of overturning one of the most important decisions in the history of the court, besides the issue of slavery, for, perhaps, generations. Many full term human beings in the past committed suicide or died from botched abortions so horribly and unnecessarily. If a Republican is elected president we will begin denying yet again medical services to so many who cannot afford it. People will die. Republican politics is the true death panel. Electing a Republican would give religious fanatical insanity, tied to the state, power. This is extraordinarily important for the advancement of our county to stop.

Although tepidly advocated by Obama at first, the president is still basically in the humane and correct corner when advocating for the rights for homosexual people. He is a bulwark against the reinstating of DADT and a block to the repeal of hate crimes legislation which he passed. We cannot forget that even as I sometimes do when other big ticket issues dominate the airwaves.

Barack Obama may not deliver all the time everything for which I hoped but in our vituperatively hostile divided country we must play pragmatic politics and re-elect the president who delivered on other numerous important social and cultural items he had promised he would. His re-election is imperative. I am hopeful in a second term he may do even better. Moreover, he is a smart and deliberative person at a time when our country sorely needs that. I do fervently hope he will be re-elected. Literally our lives and the quality of them in so many ways depend upon it!

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