Tuesday, April 05, 2011

United We Stand -- An Understanding of Religious Belief: Is there a way for science to clone James Carroll? He is one of the most scholarly, brilliant writers ever to enhance the pages of The Boston Globe. His latest April 4, 2011 article in The Globe "The Roots of Muslim Bigotry" is expressively illuminating. In his many well-written articles for The Globe he gets to the heart of man's religious history and focuses brilliantly upon the etiology of monotheistic religious belief, its prejudices as well as the underpinning of its benevolent equality both of which are reflected in contemporary culture.

When we know these things our ire, I believe, can be defused. Maybe man someday, through this understanding, will finally see the things we share more than the differences and divisions that propel us to do such dastardly deeds against one another.

It is well worth reading. I link it below.


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