Thursday, March 10, 2011

Walker's Plank Walk--A letter to the Democratic Party and Unions: We all know what that slime excuse for a governor in Wisconsin did last night was abhorrent and anger provoking to our very core. He broke the law by using illegal political tactics to rid state workers of their collective bargaining right. We know, this is the Republican Party's national strategy and we ALSO know this is the Democratic Party's moment. The union giants which were in a state of somnolence are, I think, awakened -- FINALLY. It is up to the Democratic Party and the unions to unite again during, ironically enough, the anniversary of FDR's New Deal and at a time of the renewal of spring to take advantage of this resurrection for Democratic power that Scott the know nothing Republican governor so dutifully handed to us. The Democratic Party with the unions at our side needs to organize again all across the country. Take the "victory" of this shameful governor and turn it into his defeat.

Democrats continue to represent the interests of majority of the population but simply cannot and have not been able to get their message across strongly and well. Our president, sadly, has not and still does not do enough to help the union cause. Walker and so many others of his ilk took advantage of the political anti-government climate against the bailouts and through the Republican amazing ability to manipulate the media and the message convinced those who SHOULD be a part of a Democratic base to vote Republican and those like Walker into office in droves. Ironically, Walker has served to alienate a HUGE part of what was sadly part of his own base.

One can SEE clearly what happens when you take your vote for granted and do not show up. Walker happens and it is sad because the preponderance of the country does NOT believe as he does. 400 people, as Michael Moore said, control over 50% of the wealth. Walker and those like him in TRUTH do NOT represent the country. They did, however, in brilliant Republican style manage to steal the message any way they could even if they had to lie to do it. Republicans are TERRIFIC at the game and best of all for them the Supreme Court hand them the weapon of choice through their loathsome Citizens United decision making it possible for oligarchic election control.

Do NOT fail to capture this moment. It is here for a brief time and as we know about life, spring fades and winter ensues. Our president SHOULD be right at your side, walking, as he said he would, WITH the unions in their quest for economic parity and not cater to those forces who want desperately to unseat him. Those with whom he wants to compromise are NOT his friends. They are the wolves in sheep's clothing and the Trojan horse was their gift but it will, in the end, open up to destroy his presidency.

Do NOT let this happen and do not let this moment pass. Organize, organize, organize and make the so called governor Walker walk the electoral plank. Fix America by making hateful Republican politics, especially Tea Party politics, irrelevant to the American Dream.

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