Thursday, March 10, 2011

PBS Punts: Public financing of PBS is on the line. NPR shamefully fired their top fundraiser, Ron Schiller when they were caught in yet another Republican scam by the Republican scam artist and takdowner of ACORN, Andrew Breitbart through his "master" of disguise James O'Keefe. Republican lies win another round because their progressive opposition does not know how to defend itself and fight back. I urge people to support PBS when they can. It is the best in educational programming. I wrote to them the following:

NPR and PBS are the BEST that broadcasting has to offer. HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING from the 2010 elections? The biggest plus Republicans have is they do NOT bend. Just look at governor slime Walker of Wisconsin. He did not bend and used every conceivable trick in the book including doing something illegal to pass what he wanted. This should be a lesson to all of us who favor humanitarian causes and good journalistic practice. PBS, YOU CAPITULATED TOO FAST as Dan Rather did when he reported on the draft dodger Bush. Rather resigned too quickly because he was right and should not have resigned, but should have waited, defended himself and CBS should have backed him up.

Progressives, STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES and do not shake in your boots at the first sign of Republican attacks. When they attack one should know it is dubious and what one is saying is most probably true. Shirley Sherrod was yet another victim of Republican malfeasance and was railroaded by the head of the Obama appointed Dept. of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, progressives and even the NAACP who were afraid of Republican attacks. She was innocent of the Republican charges and she was innocent of bad Republican film editing. It did not matter. The Department of Agriculture secretary and the NAACP threw her under the bus because they were frightened.

PBS, DO NOT BE AFRAID OF YOUR SKIN! Saying the Tea Party is teaming with racists IS CORRECT. It is. Do not back down. Stand up for yourself because truth is most often on your side.

Your best financiers are those listeners of PBS who support PBS as I do. Barack Obama was elected by people like us. DO NOT DISAPPOINT us by cowering in the face of Republican onslaughts. Republicans are neither truthful NOR patriots and that is most especially true of the Tea Baggers within their party. What was said negatively about them is true and there is a plethora of evidence to prove it.

Shame on PBS for falling for the toxic Republican lies and playbook. I thought you were better than that.

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