Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Health Care Competitive Fix: A response to Jeff Jacoby's March 9, 2011 Boston Globe Op Ed (link below) I agree with him in part. I am, of course, in favor of a national health care single payer system BUT if I cannot get that, I agree, AT LEAST open the market up to competition the lugubrious salivations of the lovers of the free market say will bring costs down. Let the free market do what those who have an orgasm over it say it WILL do if the savior of all -- competition -- is allowed to thrive.

I want markets opened up to ALL and I do mean ALL health care insurance AND I want the drugsters i.e. big pharma competition to be open up as well. The individual, the libertarians and lovers of free market everywhere say, should have the ability to make their own free choice even if it means purchasing drugs CHEAPLY from Canada. The consumer SHOULD have nothing standing in the way of his/or her free market ability to choose. Putting a restriction on from whom we can purchase health insurance or the drugs that can help us is the binding tie between government power holding hands with big corporate everything. It is a corrupt union, indeed, as the middle class chokes when it has to pay its health care bill but the insurance executives get their millions of dollars in revenue and bonuses taking fun trips to the Bahamas in their yachts. When THAT Gordian knot is severed MAYBE just maybe health care costs would go down IF consumers get the biggest bang for their ever dwindling buck!

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