Thursday, March 24, 2011

Actress Extraordinaire: I was going to try to write an opinion that I hoped would do justice to one of the premier actresses of my time, Elizabeth Taylor, who died this week then I read one written on entitled "Paglia on Taylor: A luscious, opulent, ripe fruit!"

I thought Paglia wrote in exquisite form about this actress and woman extraordinaire we just lost. I loved Elizabeth Taylor and so did the writer for Salon, Camile Paglia, who is one of the most unique feminists to grace our political and editorial landscape. She is not the traditional feminist but brings her own unique sardonic wit to the feminist cause.

Camile Paglia is right on the money. Her description of Elizabeth Taylor and the fact that she is possibly one of the greatest actresses that has ever appeared in American film is totally correct.

Elizabeth Taylor was GORGEOUSLY sexy, an actress like none other and Camile Paglia surely can write a BRILLIANT piece about her. I attach the link below as an example
of excellent writing which is about Elizabeth Taylor who is an example of film excellence.

I can only envy the breadth of knowledge Paglia brings to her writing and wish that I could do the same!

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