Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Harmless, REALLY? Please read this latest New York Times story (link below) entitled "Radiation Over the US is Harmless, Officials say."

It begins: "Harmless traces of radiation from the stricken nuclear complex in Japan have been detected wafting over the East Coast of the United States, European officials said Monday. Since last week, the officials have tracked the radioactive plume as it has drifted eastward on prevailing winds from Japan — first to the West Coast and now over the East Coast and the Atlantic, moving toward Europe."

I will refrain from the I told you so. The question becomes DO YOU BELIEVE THEM? I submit NO radiation is harmless. Sure get a couple of x-rays or CT scans if you want. I personally have had my share but add to that the normal background radiation everyone gets and at least for the Japanese now and maybe for us later what the food has or will have in it why would you want to chance more including the poisonous cesium and, perhaps, at some point, even deadly plutonium irradiating your body over the next ten years?

Man has POLLUTED the earth in case you have not noticed. It has been most egregiously perpetrated by our country and the industrialized world. This country does TWO things VERY well. It BOMBS people into the stratosphere and it has a wonderful way of making rich people even richer at the expense of those who can least afford it -- the elderly, young, disabled and/or poor. But if you are the CEO of Goldman Sachs or a company like it you literally can get away with anything you want including our billions and the billions in bonuses of those billions even if you made that money immorally or illegally extracting a HUGE profit from the marrow of middle class bones! Moreover, if you are the CEO of a nuclear power company YOU can even get the government to pay for it because it's just too darn hard to get insurance for a nuclear power company. Still, you will reap millions. It's a great job IF you can get it but most of us will not.

Do you believe the post below? If you do I ask REALLY? REALLY? Why would ANYONE -- after what has been perpetrated on the middle class by corrupt and incompetent government seizing power, money and control making endless war on our backs -- believe any government irradiating us and feeding at the corporate trough while they do it?

The moral of this story: If you are rich, a rich corporation, or if you are rich and in a position of great power you have it made. But guess what? Radiation from nuclear power plants even THE rich and their children will not escape. Mother Nature WILL take her revenge for man's raping of her beautiful environment and in this case she is an equal opportunity employer.


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