Friday, March 25, 2011

End of the Best of Times: I cannot believe what my eyes see when I awaken and check the news. It is the first thing I do. The story at first light I click on is about the Japan nuclear catastrophe spinning out of control (link below.) There are admittedly times when I wish so I could accept belief in a higher power as others do. I wish I could have a faith so strong that it believes what it does despite what science tells us is true because our own problems and the worldly ones go to our own nuclear core reactor. I do believe we are in one of the most dangerous eras of human history. I can understand, at least, why End Times belief lives.

If one reads the link below about the Fukushima reactor it truly seems like the end of the best times and the Beginning of the worst. The sadness of the globe is mind numbing from the destabilization and revolt in the entire Middle East, the nuclear disaster in Japan getting worse every day, economic free fall with a weak recovery and the profound visceral division of hate on both sides of the political spectrum in our own country.

If I believed I would plaintively ask as Christ was said to have asked on the cross in Aramaic "E-lee e-lee l-maa-naa saa-baach-taa-nee?" "My God, my God why have you forsaken me?" I am not a believer but there are times when I wish I were. It seems, if I believed in End Times, that this would surely be it.

What is there left for those of us to do who cannot ameliorate any situation, want to but lie helpless at the hands of man and fate? I wish I believed in something I truly do! If I prayed I would get on bended knee and ask God to save the Japanese people and with them, all of us!

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