Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Cure: My family member's latest blog is on Libya (link below) and the alleged US-led planned ground assault which the president promised would never happen. The question becomes is it true. Time will tell. The more interesting question to me is how American power lies and deceives an unknowing, uncaring, and grotesquely uninformed American public. What kind of a country have we morphed into since the declared just war of World War II? From Grenada and Libya to Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq I and Iraq II we have been at perpetual war with few interruptions for nearly sixty years. Is our cause always just? Or in the alternative, has the history of man been solely a territorial quest for money, raw materials, land and power? If our citizenry were given true information would that obviate war? Must we be lied to like children in the face of the certain killing and death war brings not to our leadership who will NEVER fight it but to the legions of our middle and working classes who always bear the burden of war but often never reap the benefits?

I do not know why Christian verbiage is preoccupying my mind lately but it is. I think it does because so much of it speaks to justice and advocates for the least powerful among us. In view of that I ask as the New Testament does what profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his own soul? Is the world that tarnished, that corrupt, evil, violent and cruel that we must stoop to the level of Attila the Hun to keep our population safe and our powerful in riches? I submit our politics keeps us UNSAFE as nations do not stagnate. The cerebral synapses for some remain fixed -- forever transferred from generation to generation creating the pattern of a nation’s quilt. One has a tendency not to forget bombs dropping on and killing relatives, torture, Agent Orange or the poisonous phosphorous inflicting devastation on crops and even mutating human DNA as reflected in birth defects of the very young.

Much remains secret, of course, until in our computer age it is transferred to the cyber world in a nanosecond. Nuclear war is but a finger tip away from a two bit dictator or tin pot patriot to begin. How safe will you feel when a foreign nation remembers an American inflicting so much pain on an innocent? The cure for this malady is knowledge. The cure for this malady is to remain involved and know what the country in which you live does and most especially so when it says it does not.

US-Led Libyan Ground Assault Planned

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