Friday, November 19, 2010

Trumped up Traitors: Every single day of my life, I get up in the a.m., try to pull myself together and dare to read the news. Do I dare click on Huffington Post? Do I dare click on MSNBC? OR do I dare to read sanity, the New York Times. Krugman has been my guru. Still to read even him today is depressing (See link below for his editorial.) The ENTIRE state of EVERYTHING is DEPRESSING.

We are a nation catapulting toward depression because the ones who have labeled themselves the true patriots -- the Republican party -- want to see this Democratic president fail. Of course, we all know the color of our president's skin matters not to these middle aged red state whites. Oh sure, my posterior it does not. It is the one single factor that these NON patriots use to lynch a darn good, smart, brilliant man who wants desperately to do what he can to save his country from the abyss.

Where were these white patriots when Bush was sending this nation over the proverbial cliff and waging a trumped up war? How quickly the patriots forget. Armed with a zeal never seen since, I believe, pre-civil war, these so called patriots are salivating for the failure of our president EVEN THOUGH IF HE FAILS WE FAIL. They are NOT the patriots they falsely claim they are. They are TRAITORS!

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