Monday, November 15, 2010


To be read after taking your MEDS!

You and I have been ROYALLY had. A wonderful friend sent me the link to a lecture given by my guru Bill Moyers at Boston University. I place the link to it below. It says SO much and summarizes the giant economic pickle we are in. In addition, he suggests people "run not walk" to a fabulous documentary which I believe has not shown up on our shores ... YET. It is entitled "Inside Job." I link that below as well.

As usual if you cannot click on these links merely highlight them, then cut and paste into your browser at the top. I can assure you if you enjoy knowing the ENTIRE truth and not the sugar coated syrup you get from regular and even cable news then links such as the ones below will provide you with just that. You can take it. I know you can. We have just taken the greatest economic mishap ride with the exception of PERHAPS the Great Depression and it STILL is not over. In the long run, if we live to see it, it may be worse than the 1929 crash as America CONTINUES to elect the same people who threw this country and the globe over a cliff except they are doing MORE of it. Republicans AND Democrats are in Club Fed but guess what? MOST IF NOT ALL OF US AREN'T!

Then below that I link Matt Taibbi the WONDERFUL reporter and exposure of economic criminality from Rolling Stone. I urge you to click on the Utube in the article that explains Quantitative Easing. Never heard of Quantitative Easing, not to worry MOST haven't including yours truly until I looked into it. Basically it means the Fed PRINTING MONEY and buying bonds from guess who? NOT YOU OR ME but yes, Goldman Sachs. SURPRISE!! Yeah the guys in the Obama Administration. Whoa, funny huh? Did I hear the word oligarchy anyone? The Utube will explain it in VERY VERY simple terms and you may laugh if it were not so ruinous and you don't cry.

So to summarize -- I guarantee it's FUN reading...truly...I think:

Moyers lecture at BU:

Trailer of Moyers suggested documentary viewing "Inside Job"

Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone economic genius --Quantitative Easing--WELL WORTH IT and FUNNY too if it were not so serious!!

Matt Taibbi the foreclosure UNETHICAL PREPOSTEROUS MESS

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