Saturday, November 20, 2010

Highly Recommended: Narrated by Matt Damon "Inside Job" is, I can attest, an excellent documentary. I took Bill Moyer's advice and ran (well not exactly) to the West Newton Theater today to view it. It gives a peripheral glimpse at the etiology of the 2008 economic tsunami. It is well worth viewing. Yes, take your blood pressure meds beforehand if you feel as I do, angered, saddened and frustrated at the pure evil and greed that was unleashed by the few upon the unknowing and innocent global many. The heroes and the villains are clear as the makers of the documentary use their vocal weapon of choice to indict EVEN the most prestigious economics professors at the most renown colleges and universities. Yes, they are in on the scam too and even advocate for its principles so that the bomb keeps ticking. The titans of Wall Street have captured many Congresses and presidents in a system of pay-to-play politics heretofore unknown in the western world. It stuns even the most seasoned skeptic of the American political process which sanctions the top 2% in wealth reaping UNJUST rewards with the American taxpayer funding their yachts, homes, Lamborghinis and BMW's. There was and is, indeed, NO trickle down to us but a trickle UP to the rich to get richer without making a single product.

I believe a reckoning day is approaching at least I HOPE it is. I will not be happy until the likes of Blankfein and his Goldman Sachs cronies, along with Richard Fuld of Lehman, Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, Morgan Stanley Chairman John Mack and many others at the top are indicted for their alleged monstrous offenses. Curiously, it is the ones at the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum who may be spilling the beans. This could be poetic justice at its best as the songbirds could be as base as the prostitutes and cocaine dealers who may add to the chorus of pin the blame on the elephants in the room who simply loved the game of risk even bedding down call girls and paying off cocaine dealers to add to their slimy ways. It was damn the torpedoes full steam ahead no matter whom one may crush in order to reap the ill-gotten gains. The little people never matter BUT they may matter now.

I will believe justice when I see it though. One should see this documentary before the fur begins to fly so one can sit back and enjoy the squirm. Naturally, these titans of greed will be lawyered-up so I am a BIT pessimistic. Still, there is a lot to tell and I think even if they get off with a trivial fine it will be worthwhile to see them sweat as MILLIONS in this country face unemployment, foreclosures and medical catastrophes with a Congress that remains deaf to their suffering. This may be the only justice the victims of a HUGE Ponzi scheme receive. In any event, sit back, watch the film and enjoy!

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