Monday, November 22, 2010

Palin the Pathetic: A Review of Palin's Alaska

Here's my review:

I watch NOTHING Palin -- zip, zero, nada -- nor do I watch her family of hypocrites on anything. She is a NOTHING and knows NOTHING. The thought of her being given credence by a media that is bought by the corporate money makers and its Wall Street shareholders makes me want to VOMIT. She is ONLY news NOT because she knows anything -- what she knows could fill a thimble -- but because she looks good. It says everything about our nation's infatuation with superficial sensationalism. It is, INDEED, pathetic. When her looks fade, AND THEY WILL, the media will drop her like rock!

I am NOT a Republican that is obvious BUT if one wanted to concentrate on cerebrally worthy presidential candidates among the Republicans one could spotlight Romney, Huckabee, and Pawlenty (for whom I would NEVER, of course, vote). They are, though, at least intellectually and experientially worthy of the office. Palin is HYPE and that is all she is. She does NOT care if she gets the presidency. She cares that she has reaped MILLIONS from John McCain's IDIOTIC choice for a one-heartbeat-away-from-the presidency VP nominee. McCain is DESPICABLE. He would sell his mother's eyeballs for a vote. He is an UNSCRUPULOUS politico times infinity. A "maverick" he is NOT!

I would NEVER in principle contribute to Palin's bank account. No one who professes to LOVE this country would EVER promote this unqualified idiotic DUNCE to a position which could and probably would get us all killed. SHAME ON YOU media and shame on me for this taking up 5 minutes of my time to write about this divisive, hateful and unconscionable jerk. I will NOT do that again!

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