Tuesday, March 09, 2010

No Time to Waste -- IMPORTANT please read: -- Please support the president's health care plan. I have emailed and called consistently the powers that be to pass it. So I ask you -- no I plead with you -- if you have not already done so, contact your members of Congress and the people you know. We cannot have the best be the enemy of the good. This bill IS a start. It can and WILL get better over time most likely for us and most importantly for your children if you have them, grandchildren if you have THEM and ALL of your family and friends.

Can you imagine, especially now, our lives without Social Security? Republicans then, too, in 1935 wanted to block it and some still even today want to get rid of it. That is almost laughable if it were not so serious and cannot and will not happen because it is one of the most important social safety nets ever devised in this country especially now with a compromised economy.

Now, in our time, we need to progress into the 21st century and do what EVERY other western civilized nation on earth does and that is provide health care (preferably with a public option but even without it) for our people. THIS is a START as Social Security was a start under FDR and Medicare under LBJ which was honed over time.

Without Social Security and Medicare many of us and many of whom we know might be on the street or dead. PLEASE, this is not the best bill, of course, BUT it's a beginning for now. PLEASE email or write your Senators and Representatives in Congress AND send this to ALL you know. Pass it around with the article linked below about the President's trips around the country this week to campaign for this important legislation. He KNOWS what he is talking about.

It's YOUR country, it's YOUR future, it's YOUR children, your children's children and your extended family's future. The is the LAST best chance probably for decades that we will have to ensure it! Forward this to anyone you think will be receptive and even to those you think you may not be. Click on the appropriate story "Knock on Doors Talk to your Neighbors" [LINK BELOW]. It is that IMPORTANT for us and the survival of our nation. Please do this at this time of spring renewal and do it quickly. There is no time to waste.


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