Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Do the Hustle: I am hooked [thanks to my cousin!] on David Simon's series "The Wire" about crime life in the ghetto in Baltimore : BRILLIANT series on HBO maybe one of the best. It has such application to what America is about in pertinent part and what the government is doing and why people are furious as they SHOULD be. Small piece of "brilliant' analysis not well written. I include brackets for explanation of the character but I suggest you watch the HBO series as they are replaying it now or buy the DVD. Well worth it. But you have to stick with it and listen closely. I will compose a better blog soon.

When McNulty [the hero white detective in the Wire] asks the dealer why they killed "Snot" [ghetto nickname for a con game thief] he says because he is stealing the money So Detective McNulty says well if he was stealing the money why did you let him play the game? The dealer says says "this is America."

Now THIS is poignant. This IS America. Do I get it especially when you read Ariana Hufftington today or Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone on the poisonous banks. A MUST read:

If I were a professor and having my students watch "The Wire" I would ask them to compare and contrast the Second great depression or as the press likes to call it the Great Recession SOON to be depression as the beat goes on. Congressional and Executive life relates to the Wire but in MUCH more upscale and legal way which makes it INFINITELY worse because it screws WE the people ALL of us. They do the same things: the government lines its pockets with filthy lobbyist money from the banks or the insurance industry for health care or big Pharma. It doesn't matter it can be defense contractor lobbyists too. The congressmen and nearly every politician including the executive pocket their rotten bucks give banks, etc. OUR BUCKS, the lobbyists get what they want, the politicians what THEY want and WE the people get screwed with no job, no money and no health care. We die and people ARE dying.

"The Wire" is about that but no one cares in the ghetto about people who get killed. No one. The big wigs in City Hall in the Wire all care ONLY about their jobs . They care nothing about the humanity that gets devastated on the street. Why? Because their poor and their life is cheap no one cares. But guess what? No one cares about us either except a very few clean humane politicians. They are few and far between as are the Detective McNultys the hero of the Wire.

Who is talking about we the people who are getting raped by Wall Street in combo with the lobbyists who feed the politicians who let them do whatever they want? Read Matt Taibbi in Rolling Stone. Google Rolling Stone and see what a lovely a deal the pimp lobbyists will be getting for their whore companies who get big time money out of our government with no regulation and no bid contracts and we the Johns get screwed (pardon the crudity but this is exactly an appropriate metaphor). THIS IS WHY WE ARE FURIOUS. It's ALL a racket whether it's in the streets of Baltimore or Congress it's ALL the same. THIS truly is America!! And I thought the president would change all of that. I can see just how much. Read Ariana Huffinton today on Huffington Post. (Post below.) Then read Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone. Here are the two links. If you can't get it Google Huffington Post today and Google Rolling Stone the Wall Street Bailout Hustle. I thought America was better than this. It can be. You just have to care.

Read it and weep!


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