Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Settlement Sin: I am a Jew and an ARDENT and loving supporter of the Jewish State of Israel. This is the first time I have come out publicly against Israeli policy. However, continuing to build settlements despite the visit to Israel of the US Vice President Biden who represents a policy opposed to building East Jerusalem settlements I feel was simply STUPID and insulting. The Israelis KNOW what they are doing and KNEW that deliberately flouting the US position had a method to its madness. It was NOT just an inadvertent act. Message to US: We will do what we want when we want despite what anyone thinks EVEN the United States, Israel’s main source of support. I believe it was done for spite and to convey a message even if it means going against the US position. NOT a smart thing to do in the end.

Perhaps, it was also a sign that Israel will do what it wants EVEN if it means striking Iran's nuclear sites and it does NOT need US permission to do it. Really? Do you really think Israel can go it alone without US support? BAD thought and WRONG! The US is the life blood for our Jewish state. Those in Israel who are determined to NOT have a peace process could seal a disastrous fate. YOU are hurting our people.

The behavior of the Netanyahu government was a slap in the face to the vice-president and the United States. I believe a profound apology from Netanyahu to the vice-president is in order and the housing in East Jerusalem should cease until an agreement can be achieved. I will never turn my back on the State of Israel and my people. I love the Jewish state more than I can convey. At the same time I can CALL IT OUT when I think its policy is in error and bad taste! As a relative of mine has often said and to which I agree "if the Israelis (and Palestinians too) want peace they are going to have to love their children MORE than they hate their opposition" and certainly more than Israel or anyone should care about housing. The time is now to forge an agreement while we have a US administration with some intellect and sense of fair play and who is also committed to the maintenance of the Jewish state. Don't blow it!

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