Tuesday, March 23, 2010

David Brooks in the March 23, 2010 "New York Times" tries to explain why he became alienated from the Democratic Party. He says "The essence of America is energy — the vibrancy of the market, the mobility of the people and the disruptive creativity of the entrepreneurs ..."

I say the David Brooks of the world do not see the reality when it hits them in the face and forget almost instantly when those entrepreneurial forces with their Ayn Randian laissez faire economic essence are almost singularly responsible many times over for the death of a nation and its people. These grand entrepreneurs, the Gatsbys of our culture, run with the train of greed until the train goes off the tracks and they are left emotionally, monetarily and spiritually bankrupt. They leave those around them in utter devastation and chaos but call upon the people they nearly destroy to clean up the mess.

The average Joe's of this country, the ones who make it mechanically work, are catapulted into the abyss by the rancid actions of the unregulated marketplace and in times past there was no safety net to catch them. Many died. FDR changed that, thank God, and since then there is a semblance of economic life preservers instituted by Democrats which stop an economy and most of its people from entering the dust bin of history.

Still, these adventure capitalists persist duping the American public into thinking they are for them and America, some of it, continues to buy their snake oil. I have said many times the Republican Party, the party of sink or swim policy, is NOT about us. They are for their individualist Gordon Geckko greedy selves. No matter how rich they get it is never enough and they will do ANYTHING an economic anarchy allows them to do no matter how many they crush. In 2008, without ALL the help from government and all the FDIC security, its too big to fail CEO’s STILL nearly drove the world into an economic Armageddon because those regulations were disastrously loosened by men of greed only to offer near repeat of the 1929 collapse.

Now we have health care so that not just the Donald Trumps or the Bill Gates of the world can certainly get the best of the best health care to ensure THEIR lives go on with no fear that illness will bankrupt them but also us, the little guy, on whose backs they depend for their economic security, to live.

Thank God for the Democratic Party, David, they have saved our posteriors AND YOURS!!

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