Sunday, March 21, 2010

I condensed my previous blog and added some thoughts into one I sent to the Metro West News:

The Cancer Curse
: Why some of us have the ability to empathize with the poor, the sick, and with those who have had to endure such virulent racism from some of our body politic and others cannot I do not know. Why are we so different politically from each other?

I am ardently for the passing of this historic health care legislation and surprisingly if it takes a strong anti-abortion part of the bill to pass I am for that too despite the fact I am, of course, pro-choice. This bill is too important. It is not perfect but it hopefully will improve over time IF it passes. The insurance companies with their tyrannical for profit hold on whether we live or die cannot be allowed to continue with business as usual. They must be held accountable. They have done this to themselves by their policies which hung an albatross of contemptible actions and death around our necks.

Why can some of us empathize with those who need care and others can do nothing but hurl unconscionable racist epithets catapulting this nation back into another century in which we fought a bloody war to create a more just nation. Why, too, is health care linked to this despicable racist spewing against a gentlemen supreme like Representative James Clyburn and Representative John Lewis? It was sickening to watch. It makes me wonder what really is the etiology of our profound political differences. Is it cultural or is it systemically in one's DNA?

The racial epithets the health care protesters sling show them to be exactly what most are: racist bullies who if they had their way would take us back to the 1850's except then they would be calling for secession. They are the embodiment of the grave sin of a nation. Those who would utter such things are sick, perverted and disgusting know nothings. They prove it time and again. Spitting on a man like Representative Clyburn is unconscionable. They could not shine this dignified man's shoes. They are NOT protesting health care but are using it as an excuse to protest a black man who is president. These people who express such racial hatred are the curse of our nation. Their views are a sickness within our body politic and a systemic cancer we need cut out before it kills us and fast!

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