Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Faded Brown: Well, I can see my small shred of initial hope in Senator Brown despite his Republican association was short lived as he tries to set up his reelection by saying Rachel Maddow, the progressive host of the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC will be his opposition in the 2012 senatorial election. Rachel Maddow revealed the total untruth of that. One wonders, though, why the good senator picked her as the threat supreme. In truth she is BRILLIANT. Few can hold a candle to her intellect and that includes most definitely Senator Brown. Thankfully, she is not running. We need her on the airwaves to expose the Republican Party's infinite capacity for telling downright lies to put their toxic agenda across -- an agenda which nearly bankrupted our country because of greed gone wild, banks unregulated and killed its youth in wars based on unequivocal lies.

As I have said at least a million times: America, the Republican party is NOT I repeat NOT about most of you. It is about the top 2% wealthiest of this nation. The fact that they should share a small amount more of health care is nothing but infinitely fair. Mr. Brown to say you are a man of the people, while you say you will vote against reconciliation which gives people hope, is a lie. So far you are everything I thought you would be feeding the American people the big Republican lie that you are about them. You are what I initially thought -- a BIG mistake and that the people of Massachusetts were duped into thinking YOU would do anything for them.

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