Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Election Malaise: The special senatorial election is a pathetic loss for the Democrats. There is enough to go around in the blame game. In fact, in my opinion, it is everyone's fault involved in this election: (1) the candidate was utterly remiss and non existent literally on vacation until it appeared Brown was breathing down her neck. She seemed cold, like an iceberg and out of touch. Her gaffes were ridiculous (2) The White House because they are playing an over thought game. They are MUCH too removed and should be taking as I have been saying for ages a more Bushian approach. I.e. Bush got EVERYTHING he wanted done. Why? Because through Cheney, et al the mantra was a STRONG ultra strong executive. In my opinion, since FDR that is the essence of our politics. The Congress is impotent especially a Democratically controlled Congress. We have a big tent and many different opinions in the tent. He put the ball in their lap on health care when he SHOULD have carried it himself coming out STRONGLY against the idiocy of the teabag movement in the summer I call the summer with guns. He didn't. He went to Martha's Vineyard and let those town halls work their poison. Racism runs deep in this country and it should NEVER be forgotten.

If you have a 60 vote majority and a huge majority in the House and a so called "liberal" Democratic president you should lose NOTHING. NOTHING should be as hard as they have made it. The White House said the Coakley campaign didn't ask them for help. WHAT? Are you kidding me? As Keith Olbermann said "what the hell do you want an engraved invitation?" They should have moved in FAST with such a HUGELY important election. Coakley never should have run. She has as much exciting charisma as a rock and listening to her is as interesting as a course in advanced calculus. (3) The banks: Obama put in the foxes in to guard the chicken coup. I have been saying that from the beginning. His economic team of Geithner, Summers and by proxy Rubin are NOT Main Street. They are Wall Street. Those highly unethical bonuses should have been fought. (4) The Healthcare madness in general (5) The Democratic party for not vetting a GOOD solid candidate to replace the utterly charismatic Teddy. They got the opposite in Coakley (6) The Democratic people (including me) for not voting Capuano. He would have taken this race by 10 points. I learned my lesson. Take NOTHING for granted and look at candidates carefully. A 35 point lead has been absolutely squandered by a third rate candidate, Brown, who is the 100% opposite of Teddy Kennedy. I hear Teddy rolling around in his grave.

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