Monday, January 18, 2010

Prediction time: Stream of conscious: Not only will Brown win, he will win bigger than expected and a tip of the hat to Coakley, Obama, and the Democrats who shoot themselves in the foot ALL the time. She is a LOUSY candidate who ran a LOUSY campaign and Obama pure and simply LIES. Oh sure as he said yesterday a vote for Scott Brown is a vote for Wall Street. NO, Mr. President, a vote for YOU was a vote for Wall Street as he put in Wall Street hacks to fix the economy. They fixed it alright ... for themselves! I have gone from love of Obama to divorce inside of a year. This senate seat if it happens will be a HUGE HUGE loss and a BIG HUMILIATION and will dump Obama's health care OR what's left of the damn thing into the city dump. It's anemic and he is NOT what he said he was. Capuano would have been a MUCH better candidate. Coakley is about as charismatic as listening to a lecture on advanced calculus and now CNN is talking about her Shilling Red Sox gaffe. This is the intelligence of the media and the inability of her to handle a ridiculous question. Coulda, woulda, shoulda, it matters not. Sit back and enjoy the next three years of a worse economy, thousands dying from lack of proper health care, a climate disintegrate and eternal never ending war. The country should have great entertainment as long as the bombs do NOT fall on us!

Obama cannot rule, he cannot legislate and he is NOT accountable to his base. Why doesn't he just switch to the Republican party? That way he can have all the Republicans on his team he wants and obviously he wants them there. He is after one year in my opinion a FAILURE I don't care HOW HARD IT IS TO LEGISLATE. HE had a 60 vote majority in the Senate and a commanding majority in the House and he is a Democrat too. What would LBJ have done with his situation? Obama withdrew his power on health care when he shouldn't have, let the insanity of tea bagging rule the day and he reached out to Republicans that hate him. He did not rein in Lieberman by threatening to take his chairmanship away and he did not know how to manage the blue dogs. That's what we elected him for -- TO BE A POLITICIAN! He ratcheted up war, toned down his rhetoric on restoring civil liberties and became tone deaf to those who supported him the most.

Moreover, he forgot the racism of the past 300 years. It matters and is directed at him like a white very white laser. So many of us who were his base loath him now. But oh yeah, Rahm Emanuel says you can take your base for granted. BULL SH&^%. No you can't and I am proof of that par excellance. Am I furious about tomorrow YES! In my solidly blue state of which I was so proud to be a resident, Teddy Kennedy's 48 year seat possibly will turn Republican and his life-long dream of health care among so much other socially good legislation will be down the toilet. Am I mad at even the prospect of that? YOU BETCHA!

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