Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Full Court Press: This was an email I sent to Bill Press in response to one of his opinions.

It's true, Bill, we did not have 60 votes anyway BUT and this is HUGE -- the right wing white entities are energized like they have not been before and will try to duplicate this ALL around the country.

Two days ago I got a robo call from it said Washington D.C. asking if I thought a marriage was between a man and a woman. I screamed of course NO but this is what they take from the Brown win. They go into other issues and no matter Brown did not characterize himself as Republican he is. He is 150 degrees the opposite of Teddy. This is more than about health care although that is part of it this is about a right wing crazy nationalistic base that is angry about our war losses after WWII and the inability to recapture that glory. It is an anger about that and an anger about race AND I would even say an anger about god and gays. It's ALL in the mix and this is why this THING that happened in Mass is so threatening. They will use this as their own ticket to ride their own rancid teabag extremist right wing agenda. For them it's full steam ahead and WE are in the cross hairs! Just my opinion.

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