Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Health Care Histrionics: Recently an editorial at the Metro West News decried the health care protesters as ones who are taking a page out of the left wing rants, sit ins and obstructionist tactics of the anti Vietnam War and civil rights struggle of the late 60's. I was among those who sympathized with the late 60's left wing demonstrators although I never was present at an office sit in and certainly I was NOT violent. Still, I empathized. So I rethought those days and wondered about the difference between the right obstructing at the health care forums and the left obstructing at an office sit-in of that era. I came to the conclusion that the philosophical issues of the left WERE different -- MUCH different -- BUT the ability to shut down debate whether from the right OR the left (although I am much more sympathetic to the left's cause) is still the same. It's unproductive and it gets one nowhere.

I believe the confrontational tactics of the left in the 60's was responsible for the election of Richard Nixon and a slew of right wing presidents that meant the ultimate ruination of our country. Further, it solidifies our divide as the anti bellum pre Civil War cause did. I believe, too, and said so last evening to a political ally, that the right is sewing their own demise. They may LOOK powerful as the demonstrators in the 1960's did but real power will allude them. This country is NOT extreme left or extreme right and the demographics are changing. Elections are won by winning over moderates and moderates do NOT like the health care histrionics they see on the 6:30 p.m. news. They like rational debate. That wins the day. The so called tea baggers will lose their cause for themselves.

I should not be so revelatory because, of course, I WANT them to lose. So I rephrase what I just said. Keep going, tea bags, its fun to watch you tactically hang yourself as THIS time the opposition will not be silent either. The president has tried for six months to reach out much to our liberal chagrin but his hand keeps getting slapped every single time. The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. One thing THIS president is NOT is stupid so I am hoping he soon will learn. His base like I and millions of others count. So tea baggers keep doing what your doing, it plays right into our left wing hands!

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