Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Question Asked: The president is having forums even today and throughout August. MSNBC has a place to ask a question on the recovery. This is what I asked. It probably will not be asked of him but if I do say so myself I think it is a good one and it does not hurt to try. Even though they probably will not pose it if you happen to catch it on any station please let me know.

I am thrilled by your election. Having said that I worry about our economy. I worry because it seems you have put at the helm of our recovery efforts many of those people who were instrumental in actually causing the economic disaster you inherited. I worry that those people who were at the Wall Street pinnacles of power when the bubble burst are entrusted with our recovery. Indeed, Wall Street continues to reap enormous profits and bonuses from TARP even while most Americans on Main Street suffer. What efforts have you made to ensure that the economic policies which Mr. Geither, Mr. Summers or their mentors espoused creating the endless bubble and bursting bubble scenario we now face, will never happen again?

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