Saturday, August 15, 2009

Evidence of a miracle?: I was in rational SHOCK as I read the August 15, 2009 Boston Globe Letter to the Editor of Judi Scherban entitled "Evidence of a Miracle." She espouses actual proof of the truth of Eucharistic adoration of the blood and body of Christ. What is this proof? Alleged by her a "miracle occurred in the year 700 in Lanciano, Italy when a priest plagued with doubt witnessed, before his congregation, the bread change into human flesh and the wine into human blood." Moreover, she says, this blood (type AB) and human flesh (muscular heart tissue)was subject to scientific analysis around 1971." So this blood Type AB and fresh human muscular heart tissue defied the laws of molecular biology and did not decay after 1277 years? I wonder, too, just who this priest was who had his vision. Perhaps he was merely schizophrenic? Perhaps, too, it was also determined that proteins were like those found in "fresh blood" because someone in 1971 tested a fresh sample? Does anyone question the events surrounding this preposterous so called "proof"?

Her belief she says is proven without question but question I do. This is yet again evidence of the dogmatic, unquestioning and blind acceptance of postulations of faith that keeps people ignorant. I hypothesize it will be the downfall of man who was given a natural cerebral synaptic brain so he can question, reason, and determine by scientific inquiry what the truth really is. Made up stories shot full of holes abound in all religions but this one, I must say, is a doosey!

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